• No commercial or other non-passenger vehicle of any type, and no unlicensed motor vehicle of any type shall be permitted to remain overnight on the property unless garaged, other than as may be used by persons currently performing services or improvements to the property. A commercial vehicle includes such vans, mini-vans, pick-up trucks and other vehicles which contain lettering, signs, or other forms of advertising of a commercial nature and purpose.
  • No trailers, trucks, tractor trailers, mobile homes, motor homes, campers. motorcycles, pick-up trucks, or the like, shall be stored or left unattended on the common elements or limited common elements.
  • No boat of any type shall be permitted on the Townhouse Lot for more than fourteen (14) days, unless garaged or screened in a manner acceptable to the Board of Directors.
  • No repair or maintenance of any vehicle is allowed on the common elements, limited common elements, or upon any Townhouse Lot.

Parking Restrictions and Speed Limitations:

  • No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to any entrance to or exit from any building or the parking areas and ramps by another vehicle.
  • All parking regulations, speed limits, and any other parking and traffic control signs posted on the property, or any other parking or traffic regulations as may be promulgated by the Board will be strictly obeyed.
  • No parking is permitted on any Court, except in designated off-street visitor spaces. Township fire regulations do not allow parking on the courts in Newtown Gate; however, parking is permitted on Fountain Farm Lane.
  • Vehicles shall not be parked or stored in the off-street visitor spaces for more than seven (7) consecutive days.
  • Vehicles must be maintained so as not to damage the parking areas (i.e., leaking oil, gas, or other fluids).
  • Semi-trailers or other moving vans shall not be parked in the common areas overnight.

Abandoned Vehicles:

  • An abandoned vehicle is any vehicle that does not have a current registration, a current license plate, or is in a non-operative condition or a vehicle which has not been moved from common element for seven (7) consecutive days.
  •  The owner of an abandoned vehicle will be identified by Management through the Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration Files.
  • The Board shall send to the last registered owner of said vehicle a certified letter stating that he/she has five (5) days from the date of the letter in which to remove the vehicle from the common elements; or the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. Additionally, said letter shall provide the towing date, name, address and phone number of the towing service and the approximate charges that will be incurred.
  • Each abandoned vehicle shall be posted with a sticker indicating that the vehicle will be towed if not moved within five (5) days.
  • If the vehicle is not moved at the end of the five-day period. said vehicle will be removed from the common elements at the owners expense.
  • All costs and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred in connection with the removal and storage of an abandoned vehicle shall be the responsibility of the owner and shall be a lien against the vehicle and owner.
  • In addition to the remedies available to the Board for violations of this Rule, the Board may seek any and all available legal remedy against any Townhouse Owner or vehicle owner who violates this Rule, as may be authorized by prevailing law
    Full Townhome Rules and Regulations (May 2023)

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