Townhouse Outdoor Maintenance

Approved additional planting beds shall be maintained by the unit owner If a unit owner fails to maintain said-planting beds or adds unauthorized plantings, the Association will maintain the-plantings and/or remove unauthorized plantings at the Unit Owner’s expense. No additional planting beds shall be added without the prior written consent of the Board (I-IV).

Townhouse Owners are responsible for watering new plantings, grass, shrubs and trees during a drought or limited rain period.

Dead trees and shrubs on a lot may be removed by the Association, if the Townhouse Owner fails to do so. The Association has the option to replant said trees and shrubs and bill the Townhouse Owner at cost.

Townhouse Owner shall not fill, plant, cultivate, roll, cut, fertilize or otherwise treat common areas except in accordance with the instructions issued from time to time by the Board. Walks will not be wetted, obstructed, or used other than for ingress or egress.

Garage Doors:

  1. Garage doors must be maintained in good condition by unit owners.
  2. Garage door replacements may be either flat or 4×4 raised panel in the current color

See  Exterior Components and Finishes (pdf) for Original Townhouse Components, Finishes and Suppliers