Townhouse Exterior Lighting & Fixtures


  1. ALL requests shall be submitted using an Architectural/Landscape Request form and shall include a picture or facsimile of the fixture. The Request shalI specify or illustrate the specific location of the proposed lighting fixture on the unit and/or lot. ALL lighting fixtures (including garage and others) should be installed as to not produce glare or intrusion into other Townhouse Lots
  2. ALL requests for proposed exterior lighting changes, modifications and enhancements must be submitted to the Management Company, for review and approval by the Board of Directors (or Architectural Control Committee) BEFORE any work commences.
  3. Approval of any request shalI be limited to the work specifically described within the submitted request. All work on an approved request must be completed within ninety (90) days following the Unit Owners receipt of the approval. Any changes from the original request or additional proposed changes MUST be submitted to the Board of Directors (or Architectural Control Committee) as an addendum to the request.
  4. The Board of Directors reserve the right to limit the number of fixtures installed on any unit or Lot or to deny any lighting fixture deemed to be offensive or inconsistent with the character of the community.
  5. Owners are responsible for any damage that may result to units, buildings, lots or underground utilities from any lighting installation. Any such damage shall be repaired within 30 days from the time the damage occurs, and shalI be repaired in manner satisfactory to the Board of Directors.

Garage Lighting

  1. Fixtures may be centered above the garage or side mounted, dependent upon the model site location, and elevation of the unit relative to other units.
  2.  A fixture installed above the center of the garage is to be located such that the top of the fixture shall not exceed 18” above the top frame of the garage. The fixture is to be centered using the side frames of the garage door as guides. Only one fixture is permitted at this location.
  3. Fixtures mounted on the sides of the garage are to be installed so that the top of the fixture shall not be above the top frame of the garage and the fixture shall not block address numbers. The distance from the side frame of the garage shall not exceed 10″ from the center of the fixture body. One fixture is permitted on each side of the garage for a maximum total of two fixtures.

Exterior Fixtures

  1. No address number, drain spout, fire box or other building component on the building may be moved to install any light fixture.
  2. All fixtures for patio, garage, or front door locations are to be brass or brass finish, black wrought iron or black finish, verdigris, or white finish. Fixture shall be traditional coach-style, in keeping with those installed by the developer.
  3. Fixtures shall not exceed 18″ from the top to the bottom of the fixture.
  4. Total illumination for each fixture is not to exceed the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent light bulb or equivalent.

Spot Light or Flood Lights

  1. Spot lights or flood lights must be installed with motion detectors (no exceptions) with the light extinguishing within two minutes.
  2. All lights must be directed only on the unit or the lot.
  3. Fixtures shall contain no greater than two socket units, and total illumination for each socket is not to exceed the equivalent of 100 watts white illumination or equivalent.
  4. No unit shall have more than two fixtures.
  5. Location: Fixtures may be installed at the peak of the garage, centered above the garage door, or centered above the patio door framing at the rear of the unit.

Walkway and Landscape Lighting

  1. All walkway or landscape ground lighting fixtures, electrical or solar, must be installed in an approved landscape bed.
  2. Landscape lighting bulbs must be white or clear only.
  3. Ground lights are to be of the low voltage (12 volt) variety and the fixtures shall not exceed six (6) inches in size (including stem) and shall not exceed an installed height of twelve (12) inches above the ground. Total walkway lights not to exceed twelve (12).
  4. All ground fixtures must be black or dark green in color.
  5. Low voltage ground flood lights are permitted, but shall not be directed to cause a nuisance to other units. All such lights must be installed in an approved landscape bed.
  6. Lamp posts of any type are prohibited.