Townhouse Architectural Guidelines

  1. Each Townhouse Owner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the interior of his/her unit. Such installation repair, maintenance or replacement shall not impair the structural integrity of the building or adversely affect any adjacent unit.
  2. Proposed changes to any unit, lot or common area on the property within the Jurisdiction of the Newtown Gate Townhouse Owners Association shall be submitted to and approved, in writing, by the Board prior to the start of any work. No building, fence, wall, improvement or other structure or any exterior addition or alteration thereto shall be commenced, erected, maintained or used upon any Townhouse Lot until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing, as to harmony of external design and as to location, by the Board of Directors or the architectural Control Committee of the Association.
  3. The existing slope or configuration of the property shall not be altered; nor shall any structure or retaining wall be erected; or other activity taken which retards, changes, or otherwise interferes with the natural flow of surface drainage waters; or which creates erosion or sliding problems.
  4. Requests for architectural alterations must be submitted to the Management Company, and written approval received from the Townhouse Association Board of Directors (Board) before work commences.
    1. Townhouse Owners are responsible for assuring that alterations meet municipal requirements, as well as the current requirements of the Newtown Gate Townhouse Owners Association Rules, Regulations and Guidelines.
    2. It is the responsibility of the Townhouse Owner to obtain a copy of the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines from the Management Company, and to follow the section(s) pertaining to proposed alterations. When work is contracted, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to assure that the Contractor’s work is completed, as approved by the Board.
    3. Any Townhouse Owner making an architectural change or replacement without Board approval will receive a fine in the amount of $500.
  5. No Townhouse Owner shall paint or alter any exterior portion of his/her dwelling without the written consent of the Board.
    1. Existing colors of siding, trim, doors, and privacy fences may not be changed.
    2. No screened or enclosed patios, porches of any kind or decks are permitted.
    3. Indoor/outdoor carpeting is not permitted on patios, or any outdoor location in the Newtown Gate Townhouse community.
    4. Flower boxes may not be affixed to the unit building facade.
    5. No storage buildings, containers, receptacles, structures, sheds, either portable or permanent, may be installed on the Townhouse lot property.
    6. No lamp posts, fences (except for approved privacy fences between properties), storage containers, dog houses, basketball backboards, or other structures or adornments shall be erected or placed upon any lot, or common area.
    7. No existing fence (except for repainting of fence in same color), enclosure, walkway, or curbs shall be painted, written on, used to mount a sign, removed, marked, or otherwise defaced.
    8. No garage shall be converted to a den or other living quarters.
    9. No swimming pools shall be permitted on the property. Temporary wading pools, five feet or less in diameter may be placed in the rear of the house on the Townhouse Owner’s property on a seasonal basis. They may be used only on the Townhouse Owner’s lot or patio. When not in use, wading pools must be stored inside the Townhouse Owner’s garage or house.
    10. No fire pits, chimineas or torches of any kind are permitted.
    11. No solar panels are permitted.
    12. Hose boxes are allowed in the rear of the townhouse lot only and may not exceed 19” (height) x 19” (width) x 17” (diameter).