Townhouse General Rules & Regulations

The dwelling unit, lot, common elements. and limited common elements shall be used only for the respective purposes for which they are intended, without hindering or encroaching upon the lawful rights of other unit owners. The term “Townhouse Owner” for the purposes of these Rules and Regulations shall mean any unit owner, lessee, sub-lessee, guest, family member, or occupant of any unit; and any licensees, agents or employees thereof.

  1. Each Townhouse Unit shall be used for residential living purposes only. No business, industry, trade, or commercial enterprise of any kind shall be commenced, erected, maintained, operated, or conducted out of any Townhouse Lot, or on any part of the Townhouse Lot, greens, common element or limited common element.
  2. No unit owner shall decorate or alter the exterior portion of his/her unit without prior written consent of the Board, except that seasonal and holiday decorations may be displayed.
  3. All windows and sliding glass doors must be covered with curtains, drapes, shades, blinds or the like, that are either white, or off-white facing the street. Coverings such as sheets are permitted on a temporary basis, and must be replaced with permanent coverings within ninety (90) days of occupancy.
  4. No outside shades, windows, awnings, exterior window guards, ventilators, fans, air conditioning units. or like devices shall be used in or about the windows or outside the building except those which have been approved by the Board.
  5. Nothing shall be shaken, thrown or discarded from the windows, doors or patios.
  6. No drying or airing of any clothing, bedding. or other articles shall be permitted on any part of the unit or upon any of the lots, common elements. or from or upon any patio. No clothes hanging devices such as lines, reels, poles or frames shall be erected at any time on any lot. common element or limited common element.
  7. No noxious, unsightly or offensive, or unlawful use will be made of the property, or any part thereof, and all valid laws, zoning ordinances, and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction thereof will be observed.
  8. No noxious, unsightly, or offensive activity, including vehicle repairs, shall be conducted on the property, nor shall anything be permitted to be done thereon which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the residents of Newtown Gate.
  9. No unit owner shall use, permit to be used, bring into, or keep in any unit or on any lot, common element or limited common element any flammable, combustible or explosive material, fluid, chemical or like hazardous substance, except for normal household use.
  10. It is resolved that homeowners are responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the exterior of their home which includes landscaping. All exterior should always meet the standard of appearance of the original home. For example, patios, siding, stucco, doors, privacy fences must be power washed, cleaned, painted accordingly.
  11. No above-ground tank for storage of gas or liquids may be placed on any lot or in any common area. Small tanks for outdoor grills are permitted.
  12. No Townhouse Owner shall supervise, direct, or attempt to assert control over agents, contractors, or employees hired by the Board or Managing Agent to perform any function or service or on behalf of the Association.
  13. Any complaints regarding the maintenance or condition of the common elements or limited common elements shall be directed to the Managing Agent.
  14. Any complaints regarding actions of the Board, officers of the Association, or other Townhouse Owners must be submitted in writing to the Managing agent.
  15. No Townhouse Owner shall make, consent to or permit any disturbing noises anywhere in or on the property, or permit anything to be done therein or thereon which will violate any local ordinance pertinent to noise, and disturbance, or which will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other unit owners.
  16. No outside radio antennas or aerials shall be erected on a Townhouse Lot. attached or hung on the exterior of any building, except by or with prior written permission of the Board.
  17. Gas Grills are limited to propane hookup, and no permanent connection/hookup is allowed.

Garbage/Trash Disposal:

  1. No trash shall be deposited on any portion of the property, including any lot, street, sidewalk, or parking area earlier than at dusk on the night before trash pick-up. All trash (garbage, refuse, rubbish, and cuttings) shall be double-bagged unless placed in an appropriate closed container, in which case a single bag will suffice. Containers so authorized or provided shall not be placed in full view, except when necessary for collection, and shall be regularly kept in a location which is obstructed from view from any other portion of Newtown Gate within 24 hours after trash pickup.
  2. No Townhouse Owner will litter or place waste or debris on the common elements or limited
    common elements.


  • A single sign advertising the unit “For Sale” may be placed inside a window of the unit and may not be illuminated.
  • No other signage of any kind is permitted, either on the owner’s property or in the common areas.

Satellite Dishes:

  • Satellite dishes are permitted, but must be limited to a maximum diameter of one meter, and should be installed in the best location and manner to be unobtrusive without interfering with operation.

Bird Feeders:

  • Small bird feeders, not to exceed two (2), will be permitted on a homeowner’s property, provided they are placed in a planting bed, or hung from a tree; and provided they blend in with the natural surroundings.
  • Bird feeders may not be placed in the grassy area, as they will inhibit lawn mowing.

Animals & Pets:

  1. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept in any unit, on any lot or on any part of the property.
  2. Dogs, cats, or other domesticated household pets may be kept within the Townhouse Lot provided that they are not bred, maintained, or kept for any commercial purposes. No more than two (2) pets may be kept in any individual unit.
  3. Pets may not be staked on or to the lot, common elements or limited common elements. Pets shall not run loose and must be leashed and controlled by the Townhouse Owner (or owner’s delegate) when outside of the Townhouse Owner’s unit.
  4. The Townhouse Owner (or owner’s delegate) must ensure that their animals and pets are under control at all times, so as not to cause offense, or be a nuisance or to frighten or harass other residents.
  5. The Townhouse Owner (or owner’s delegate) of said pet is responsible for immediately cleaning up any animal waste deposited by his or her pet on any lot, the common elements, or limited common elements. Animal waste must be properly wrapped and disposed of in proper trash receptacles. Pet owners must also be responsible for any damage their pets may cause to property, and injury to any person or other pets.

Exterior Accessories & Toys:

  1. No swimming pools shall be permitted on the property. Temporary wading pools, five feet or less in diameter may be placed in the rear of the house on the Townhouse Owner’s property on a seasonal basis. They may be used only on the Townhouse Owner’s lot or patio. When not in use, wading pools must be stored inside the Townhouse Owner’s garage or house.
  2. Each Townhouse Owner shall keep his/her patio in a state of neatness and cleanliness. No bicycles, toys, tools, ladders, garbage bags, lawn ornaments, or the like may be stored or left on any patio or on any part of the common element. Outdoor tables and chairs may remain set up on the patios.
  3. Nothing may be erected on the common elements, including, but not limited to, swing sets, seesaws, rope bridges, playhouses, basketball hoops or the like.
  4. Firewood may not be stacked on or against any common elements that would be damaged by its storage, including privacy fences, and retaining walls. Firewood shall be stored in wrought iron or wood loops, or other appropriate storage racks and shall be stored only on the Townhouse Owner’s patio. No more than one-half cord is permitted.