1. Installation of retractable fabric awnings over patios may be approved by the Board of Directors of the Newtown Gate Townhouse Owners Association if they meet the following guidelines as set forth in this amendment to Section I-IV LANDSCAPE ENHANCEMENTS.
  2. All awning requests shall be submitted to the Management Company in writing and shall include the following documentation. All requests which are incomplete will be returned to the requester with no action taken.
    1. Completed Architectural & Landscape Request Form and a copy of the As-Built Plot Plan of unit provided to you at settlement (copies available at Newtown Township municipal building).
    2. A scale drawing showing width and depth of awnings, existing or proposed patio configuration, outline of back of unit, existing fences, trees, planting beds and rear property line.
    3. Rear elevation of townhouse: Showing exact location and size of box which would contain the closed awning. This must be done by the contractor supplying and installing the awning, and must include details of method of installation. Location of studs used for support; and description, configuration and measurements (hardware) to be used to support the awning.
  3. All requests for proposed awning installations or any landscape enhancements must be submitted to the Management Company and approved in writing by the Board of Directors, before work commences.
  4. Approval of any request shall be limited to the work specifically described within the submitted request All work on an approved request must be completed within 90 days following the Townhouse Owner’s receipt of the written Board Approval. Any changes to the submitted proposal must be submitted to the Management Company as an Addendum to the request.
  5. The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny or require modification of any request deemed to be offensive or inconsistent with the character of the community or with these guidelines.
  6. This guideline pertains to retractable fabric awnings over patios only. Awnings will not be permitted in any other locations, and no other materials will be permitted. Only one awning per unit will be allowed.
  7. Awning Sizes and Configurations:
    1. An awning may not exceed the size of the patio over which it is located, and may not protrude beyond the existing or extended privacy fence(s).
    2. Awning installation height must be 12″ from the bottom of the Hood & Roller Assembly Box, to the top of first story window frame or patio door frame; except for the Essex, where awnings in the setback may be installed on the apron between the top of the patio door and the bottom of the eyebrow window.
    3. Awning support poles, if used, must rest on the patio surface, and may not encroach on lawns or in planting beds. Plant poles must retract into the awning when the awning is closed.
    4. Mechanisms to retract awnings may be electrical or manual.
  8. Installation of Awnings:
    1. Awnings must be installed by a professional awning installer. A copy of current Certificate of Liability Insurance must be accompany all requests.
  9. Maintenance of Awnings:
    1. Awnings must be retracted when not in use.
    2. Awnings are to be kept clean and in good repair by the homeowner.
  10. Awning Materials, Colors and Design:
    1. All awnings installed in the Newtown Gate Townhouse Community must be of the following colors materials and design:
      Hardware & Hood: White
      Sunsetter Awnings/Tahoe Collection
      Color: River Rock #6964